Why Choose a Career with GeeksAKnockin?

As you know, the computer repair and support services industry is constantly in motion. Technologies become obsolete almost as fast as they are created. Therefore, today’s employer must have a system in place that makes continuous professional education possible. Our commitment to professional development ensures that our technicians always have the ability to expand their knowledge and keep abreast of the very latest technologies.

We are currently the leading tech support company in Portland. Our success can be attributed to a strong and widely experienced management team.

The small business sector is one of the fastest growing in the United States. This sector creates more new jobs than any other sector. As more jobs are created in this sector, the demand for computer repair, support and networking services grows which ultimately leads to a greater demand for our services. The future is therefore very bright for GeeksAKnockin.

We Are Looking For You!

  • Are you excited by technology?
  • Can you change a hard drive blindfolded?
  • Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest computer and technology happenings?
  • Can you communicate tech issues to ordinary folk without the techno babble?
  • Do you go the extra mile to make sure the client has a fantastic experience?

If your answer to any of the above questions is in the affirmative, congratulations! Your dream career awaits! We invite you to join the GeeksAKnockin team and spread the GeeksAKnockin experience far and wide!

Contact us to submit your resume for future job openings.

GeeksAKnockin is an equal opportunity employer.

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