Customer Commitment

At GeeksAKnockin’ we value each and every client and demonstrate that with every interaction we have with you. Your satisfaction is our number one concern and we want to provide a truly exceptional experience. We are not merely interested in providing a one-off computer repair service. We are genuinely interested and actively work towards establishing a long term relationship – in fact, most of our clients are repeat customers. We hope that once you experience our service the first time, you will get “hooked” and trust us with your computer repair and support needs.

To demonstrate our uncompromising adherence to outstanding customer service, here at GeeksAKnockin’ we embrace the following corporate values:

  • Teamwork – we work as team to solve your computer repair problems. Each member of the team is valuable cog in the wheel whose input is valued.
  • Integrity – we are trustworthy and perform all our work transparently. Our technicians explain everything they will do and seek your approval before they fix anything. We always respect our client’s privacy under all circumstances.
  • Service– many firms in our industry do not understand the meaning of this word. Service is “an act of help or assistance”. We don’t just do our job, we are genuinely ready and willing to help and assist wherever we can.
  • Initiative – we take the initiative. When we’re called to do a job, we’re looking at all aspects of your system. If we notice other problems, or issues, or concerns, we bring them to your attention and offer a solution. We go over and above to make sure you have a PERMANENT solution.
  • Innovation – we constantly innovate and strive to come up with better solutions to keep pace with the fast changing tech environment.
  • Professionalism – our service will always be professional and courteous, no matter the circumstances. We go out of our way to make sure that we explain things to customers in way they understand and not overwhelm them with “technical mumbo-jumbo”.

Our mission is to innovate, lead, and offer practical computer repair and support services. In the process we hope to become a company with the highest level of customer satisfaction in our industry.

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