Our local computer repair and tech support services are exceptional. The following are some of the encouraging comments we have received while on the job.

“Thank you for your excellent service. You have saved me countless hours of work, and some of the files that could not be replaced.”
— Shannon Brink

“If you have to recover your computer documents and get it rebuilt then I would recommend that you speak to GeeksAKnockin’ Portland Computer Repair. They offer professional, reliable and timely service. Thanks GeeksAKnockin’, I couldn’t have asked for more.”
— Douglas Sevier

“I am so impressed that GeeksAKnockin’ not only recovered all my data, but was able to restore it to a new hard drive so that when I turned on my laptop it was like it had never crashed. I cannot thank you enough!”
— Maria Hernandez

“GeeksAKnockin’ has been incredible. I highly recommend them. They are professional, helpful, friendly and very competent. Thanks!”
— James Edgington

“I am so happy I finally found a computer repair company I can trust – Thanks GeeksAKnockin’! Glad you knock on my door when I have computer troubles!”
— Kate Sparrow

“My computer was running very slowly for several months. I called GeeksAKnockin’ because they were recommended on Angie’s List. I called on a Thursday and my appointment was for Monday. Chris was here promptly as he said he would be. I was very pleased with the work and my computer runs faster now and according to Chris it has no major problems and should be good for a year or more. I will use Chris in the future to consult on a new machine and any other issues that come up.”
— Bobbie Lindekugel

“I emailed them on the Fourth of July, and got an immediate response. I had a password problem, and could not access my computer. The fellow was extremely helpful over the phone, allowing me to call back as needed, as I tried various suggestions to deal with the problem. Nothing worked, so I scheduled a visit for the next working day. That same evening, my significant other solved the problem (which was of her own making!), so I canceled the appointment. They proved themselves to me on the phone. I would use them again in a heartbeat. In a word, terrific.”
— Jeffrey Clark

“Great service and response with effort to get me into schedule quickly. Chris C arrived within the promised time frame, solved my problems as well as explained why my system was not working. He is patient with my numerous questions.”
— Winnie Mauch

“Greg came out the day after I called in. Greg was very efficient, removed the virus and did a tune up on the computer. Greg was very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend GeeksAKnockin’.”
— David Polland

“Chris came out and put everything together quickly and got me up and running. He was a so very nice and professional, and he answered all of my questions about the installation. He was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. I would highly recommend this company, and I will use them again in the future.”
— Cindy Epps

“We had problems with very slow startup time on our computer after upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7, with episodes where Windows 7 wouldn’t load properly. Chris came to fix the problem. He was punctual and professional, examined several aspects of both software and hardware (since hard drive failure was a possibility), and was able to correct the problems we were having. He explained everything he was doing , and gave advice about general PC management. The company followed up with a telephone call to make sure we were happy with the service. Overall, a truly good experience!”
— Randy Lee

“Very professional and efficient. I loved how they were able to come out so quickly, and that I didn’t have to take the computer in to be serviced. I would definitely recommend this service to someone with a computer problem.”
— Renee Ramey

“We called GeeksAKnockin’ this time because my husband’s computer was freezing. We have used this service for several years. They came the day after we called, got rid of the virus, updated the antivirus program and also looked at my laptop which I was having trouble with. The technician was here more than an hour, but did not charge for looking at my laptop because it was not repairable. We have used them for service related problems and also when we got a new computer to move all files to the new computer. We have found them to be reliable, prompt and very willing to answer all of my questions.”
— Nancy Watt

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