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Mozilla released Firefox 4 today and it’s quite a nice upgrade. The big changes are under the hood, mostly around performance improvements. Mozilla claims the new browser is up to 6x faster than previous versions. There are a lot of changes around the tabbed interface – location of tabs, how they load, and how they are displayed. I’ve been playing with version 4 tonight and so far most of the visual changes are subtle, but it is definitely noticeably faster.

If you are thinking of upgrading, one piece of advice I can give you is to check any add-ons you are using to make sure they are compatible with Firefox 4. All of the main ones I use either were already compatible or had an update available after I installed Firefox 4 to make them compatible. Only 2 add-ons weren’t compatible and frankly I didn’t use them that much anyway, so it was a good chance to do some ‘add-on’ housekeeping.

Speaking of add-ons, one of my favorites is the All-in-one Sidebar:

It does a lot of different stuff, but what I love about it is that my bookmark list is quickly accessible by just moving my mouse to the left edge of the browser window. The bookmark list just pops open and I can quickly get to where I want. Much easier to me than navigating the menu structure.

What are your favorite add-ons? Anyway, give Firefox 4 a try!

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