Computer Repair Portland: Some Tips From Our Expert “Geeks”

If your computer is giving you nothing but headaches, it might be time to contact an expert for computer repair in Portland. At GeeksAKnockin’, we understand the frustration that accompanies computer problems. While we can fix most computer problems, here are a few tips that will keep your computer running as smoothly as possible.

Installing updates is often a hassle, but it is one of the most effective strategies in the prevention of viruses and other types of malware. Frequently used items such as Adobe Flash Player and Java constantly are the target of unscrupulous evildoers and if you fail to update these programs regularly, then your computer system can become a target. One of our services for computer repair in Portland includes installing both Microsoft and third party security updates. This is one of the steps that customers opt for, our Accelerate and Protect My PC service option.

This service also includes optimization of Windows startup and shutdown processes as well as cleaning up your desktop, enabling anti-phishing controls, blocking pop-up ads, getting rid of any unused or unwanted programs and ensuring that your hardware and software are functioning properly. All of these procedures are part of this package for computer repair in Portland. Once we have finished, it is important that you continue to update programs and allow Windows update to keep your computer in top shape.

Another important part of computer repair is ensuring that you or another user do not download malware onto the computer. Often we unsuspectingly download a virus or Trojan or other type of malware without meaning to do so. For instance, maybe you clicked on a link in an email from a friend or perhaps downloaded a “free” game. It’s unwise to click on any link in an email unless you are sure that it is safe. Usually the email will look a bit odd, perhaps it just says “take a look at this,” or “here’s a great story,” without really being written as a proper email. When in doubt, contact the sender with a new email and ask if they sent the link.

When it comes to free downloads, there are plenty of safe, free downloads on the web, but there are even more that you shouldn’t be placing on your computer. Never download anything unless you are absolutely sure that the source is trustworthy. We have many clients who call us for computer repair in Portland to rid their computer of a virus or a browser hijacker such as Trovi or some other type of malware.

Another important task for all computer users is the process of backing up your important files. You can use a cloud-based backup service or backup to disks. So often computers crash and the owner has not backed up any of their files and they end up losing important work documents as well as precious family photos and much more. It is wise to schedule regular back-ups as well as remembering to back up your tablets and smart phones. All of this will prevent many problems down the line and give you a greater peace of mind if your computer or other device crashes. If your computer does crash, don’t panic, simply give us a call and we can troubleshoot the problem or problems.

If you need computer repair in Portland, computer repair in Gresham, computer repair in Hillsboro or any other town in the Portland area, we can help. We also can help with printer problems, network problems and internet issues, and often your computer repairs can be solved using our Virtual House Call service. We can connect to your computer via the internet and solve a problem remotely. This can be a quick and easy way to fix computer issues without having to wait around for a repair technician.

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