Different Types Of Computer Repair Services

Everyone loves their computer, until it starts malfunctioning. At this point, it can be a source of huge frustration. Rather than spending hours struggling to pinpoint what is wrong and then attempt to fix it, a better option might be to simply contact a computer repair service. There are many problems that can be fixed quickly and even remotely, getting you back to work as quickly as possible.

Malware is a huge source of problems these days, and Geeks A Knockin can help with spyware and virus removal often via our Virtual House Call service. We access your PC remotely and remove all malicious software. From there, we perform a security audit to identify any areas that are potentially vulnerable. We ensure that all necessary security patches and updates have been installed and complete an evaluation of your system to make sure it is performing normally.

Software installation is supposed to pretty straightforward, but often that just isn’t the case. We can install all types of software programs and create desktop and quick launch icons for the software and troubleshoot any problems you might be having with your software. We even offer instruction for the basic use of many software programs, which can be helpful if you are a first-time user.

Hardware installation and repair can be even trickier, so it is definitely a good idea to call a computer service to make sure that all of your new hardware is installed correctly and running properly. This includes installing and repairing internal components such as graphics cards, hard drives and RAM. We also can help with the installation of external features such as printers and scanners.

Sometimes your computer is working but it isn’t working well, and it can be hard to troubleshoot precisely what is wrong. In these cases, it is usually wisest to contact an expert. Usually we can determine the problem and fix the computer within 90 minutes or less, saving you time and frustration. Geeks A Knockin provides computer repair in Portland, computer repair in Gresham, computer repair in Beaverton, computer repair in Hillsboro and throughout the Portland metro area.

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