How-to: View and change flexibility of speech commands in Mac OS X Lion

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Apple introduced speech commands to Mac OS X back in 2005, with their release of OS X Tiger. It wasn’t perfect, was a bit of a novelty, and when trying to use it for anything substantial it was often more of a nuisance than a benefit. Speech recognition technology has greatly improved since then, and that change can be witnessed in Apple’s latest lineup of products, such as their popular Siri. OS X Lion has also seen vast advancements in speech technology with greater sensitivity and recognition of speech commands. You can also adjust the level of flexibility you have with those commands, allowing for more natural speech. By mastering this Star Trekian technology you can get the best use out of your machine, and more importantly, feel like a real starship captain. Appearing below are links provided by Apple that explain how to view a list of available commands and adjust their flexibility.

View the commands you can speak

Change how spoken commands are recognized

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