Important Alert: WPS is not as secure as once thought

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WPS, or Wi-Fi Protected Setup, was introduced in 2007 and was originally designed to help users unfamiliar with wireless security more easily secure their wireless network’s router and access points. However, it was recently discovered in December 2011 that it is actually quite easy to break through this type of security configuration with what is known as a Brute Force Technique. In this technique, a computer program submits a series of randomly generated numbers until it finds a matching PIN code for the WPS. From there, a hacker could then obtain the password to your network, change its configuration, and even prevent you from accessing your own network. This technique is used in a variety of hacking attempts, but there are usually protocols in place to lock down access after so many failed attempts. Unfortunately, the designers of WPS failed to build in this protection, and hackers can try as many possible PINs as they want. Below is a link to an article that describes this discovery in more detail and offers advice on what do to better protect your network.

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