IT Support In Portland: Understanding ďThe CloudĒ

The Cloud is not a mystical place in the sky where songs and books magically float about waiting for us to download them onto our tablets and MP3 players. While you probably knew that, you might not really understand cloud computing and what it all means.

First of all, there are many clouds and they can be private, public or a sort of hybrid mix of the two. All it really means is that a group of remote servers are networked together to provide users with a centralized spot for data storage as well as providing access to services, applications and data-processing tasks.

Many companies use cloud-based programs to manage their information. This allows employees to access all sorts of work-related items anywhere where there is an internet connection. Your documents and email can be accessed at home, at the office or even at hotel anywhere in the world or on your smartphone.

For the individual user, the cloud offers you a secure place to store all sorts of things. Most of us use it to store music and books, but many also load their precious family photos up to a cloud-based photo storage service. This means your photos are stored at a remote server with constant backups in place. While this keeps your information secure, it also keeps your hard drive from getting bogged down. Music and photos can take a lot of space on your computer hard drive or smartphone, and using the cloud can be a way to keep everything you want without sacrificing hard drive space.

Of course, you might be worried about security; after all, you will be loading up your private information. These huge online data storage servers are encrypted, but there is always a risk that these systems can be hacked. To protect yourself, do some research about the cloud services you are using. Some services are simply more secure than others, so choose the best possible services. This is especially important if you are storing corporate information or personal information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers and other highly sensitive material.

In general, if you donít want the world to see your stuff, donít load it up into the cloud. Nothing is 100% secure, but if you donít put important documents or incriminating photos in the cloud, then you certainly lower your risk of having these items procured by an evil hacker.

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