Just Google It: Some Tips For Search Success

Do you ever feel like your Google searches don’t really provide the results that you truly want? There are a few tricks that can make your searches more effective and efficient.

If you are searching for something very specific, it helps to place the most important words inside quotes. For instance, perhaps you are searching for the name of a specific song, but all you know is one bit of the lyrics. Rather than typing in the lyrics and hitting search, place the words in quote marks. This will yield searches that feature only those words in that specific order. This can be good if you are searching for a specific person as well, as if you type in Todd Smith Portland, you will get all sorts of results, but “Todd Smith Portland” is more likely to provide you with a list of people named Todd Smith that live in Portland.

Sometimes when you are searching, it is helpful to exclude what you don’t want. For instance, if you are looking for information about mustang horses, but aren’t looking for a snappy new car, type in mustang then add a space and –car. The minus the word or don’t want will exclude most listings that are about mustang automobiles. You can do this with multiple words, such as mustang –car –vehicle –automobile, to further define the search.

Often we aren’t quite sure exactly what we want to find precisely, we just have a general idea. To provide some interesting options, consider search with the ~ symbol. For instance, maybe you are looking for an interesting dessert for a birthday party, by searching for birthday ~desserts, you will receive a list of searches beyond just birthday cakes. Basically Google searches for synonyms matching the word after the ~ symbol. If you are looking for a specific type of website, Google can do that as well. For instance, if you type related:amazon.com, your results will be websites selling products similar to those found at Amazon.com.

Shopping online is handy, but you can get better results if you use some of the aforementioned tips as well as searching within a range of prices. For instance if you wish to buy a pre-lit Christmas tree but don’t want to spend more than $200, search for pre-lit Christmas trees $50..$200, this will provide natural search results that fit your criteria. You can use those double dots for other ranges as well, such as a range of years. For instance if you search Dodger pitchers, you will receive many results, mostly about current pitchers. If you search Dodger pitchers 1970..1973, you will receive hits specifically for those years.

These are just a few helpful tips that can help you enjoy better Google search results. If you’ve been searching up issues such as computer repair or how to speed up a slow computer or how to protect your computer, the staff at GeeksAKnockin’ can help. We offer Portland, Oregon computer repair as well as Hillsboro computer repair, Beaverton computer repair and computer support throughout the Portland metro area. We can even handle many issues remotely with our Virtual House Call technology.

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