Microsoft Word Tricks You Need To Know

Even for those who know little about computers, using Microsoft Word is fairly simply and straightforward, but there are definitely some cool tips and tricks that can make this program even more efficient and user-friendly.

For instance, at the very top edge of your Microsoft Word page, you will see a few icons. The first is a capital W and if you look to the right, you will see a down arrow with a bar on top of it. If you click on this arrow, it allows you to create a custom toolbar at the top of your page. For instance, you can select the spellcheck shortcut key or perhaps add a shortcut for print preview and print. There are several other options and you can customize it anyway you like.

One thing that many people find distracting is the built-in spellchecker in Word. Sure it’s handy, but when words start becoming underlined in red, it often slows us down and pauses work as we backspace and try to spell a word correctly. You can turn off this auto spellcheck by going up to that special arrow at the very top, clicking on it and selecting the “More Commands” tab. Then on the left, select “Proofing.” You will see a bunch of customizations that you can make including a section entitled “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word.” Just uncheck the tabs you don’t want, such as “Check spelling as you type.” You can still go up to the Review tab and do a spellcheck later, but those red underlines will be gone.

If you are typing something and wish to make a specific word bold or begin typing in bold face, you probably know that you can select the word and then go up to the area under the Home tab and click on the B. However, it’s much easier to simply hit CTRL B. This will allow you to quick start typing in boldface. Hit CTRL B again, and you will go back to typing normally.

It might seem like you have to type in the date on many pages during the day, but rather than physically typing the date, hit Alt-Shift-D and the date will be added automatically. This is a great tip for students as they often have put the date in at the top of their papers.

Often we type something and then accidentally select it and erase it. Don’t panic, just hit CTRL Z and what you just erased will reappear. In fact, this undo command can undo several of your last actions if needed. If you “undo” a step too far, don’t worry, simply hit CTRL Y and it will restore that last undo command.

These are just a few of the many shortcuts available in Microsoft Word. There are hundreds more features within this program that can be quite helpful. You can print mailing labels, insert footnotes, number pages, create columns, insert citations and much more.

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