Secure your information

If the recent LulzSec & Anonymous headlines have taught us anything, it’s that protecting your personal information is now more important than ever.  One of the simplest things you can do is to have very secure passwords containing capital/lower case letters, numbers & symbols.  Also, it’s not a bad idea to regularly change them to something new.  That way, not only do you make it harder for some nefarious robot or person to hijack your accounts, but if someone or something was able to sniff out one of your old passwords it would no longer be valid anyway. 

Another great security tool is file encryption software.  There are many options out there; some popular ones are BestCrypt and TrueCrypt, but almost any reputable software will do the job.  These tools can help you protect the important and sensitive data on your machine.  Some programs even allow you to have multiple passwords for the same encrypted area, each revealing a different facet. 

These are two of the easiest things people can do to protect their data, but there are many more methods out there.  Stay tuned for more great security tips!

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