Understanding different types of wireless technology

Technological terms can be confusing, especially when the same term can be attributed to different technologies. Most often the term “wireless” refers to a wireless network, aka Wi-Fi. For example, you might hear someone ask, “What’s your wireless password?” You may have also heard of the term wireless broadband, or WiMax. This is another type of wireless Internet technology, but has a much broader range than Wi-Fi. WiMax utilizes transmitter towers to communicate with your device or device’s adapter via microwaves, the same way most cell phones work. Another common usage of “wireless” is when referring to a wireless mouse or keyboard. This is a different and non-Internet related type of wireless signal, usually utilizing IR (infrared), Bluetooth (type of radio signal) or PS/2 technology. A relatively new use of the term “wireless” could refer to wireless power. Thus far, with the possible exception of Nikola Tesla in the 1890s, we can only practically transmit power across very short distances. Applications have primarily been limited to docking stations or platforms that allow you to more easily dock your device for charging purposes. These are just a few of the most common uses of the term “wireless”, but there’s even more types of wireless technology and signals out there! Just imagine if we could see all these beams of information flying around and through us from all directions…

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