Using Technology for Emergency Preparedness: Gadgets / 2-way Radios

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Sometimes gadgets are called toys, sometimes they’re called tools.  In this post, we’ll talk about how 2-way radios can be used to keep you safe in an emergency.

Items such as 2-way radios are great for keeping in touch with loved ones in an emergency.  You never know when you’ll lose access to phone, cell and Internet service.  2-way radios operate outside of those services and as long as they’re turned on and charged up, you can reach someone when you have no other way to do so.  One of their limitations is range, so be sure to pick one that can cover a sufficient distance.  In conjunction with your 2-way radio, some manufactures offer alarm-like devices that can be set to alert you when your attention is required.  These wireless infrared devices can be placed around your home, or temporary shelter, and will detect intruders or wild animals that cross the infrared beam and send an alert to your 2-way radio.  One that comes to mind is provided by Dakota Alert Inc.

How to choose 2-way radios

Dakota Alert Inc

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