Windows 8 tips & tricks

By now, many users have an opinion on Windows 8. Some love it, some hate it, some are indifferent but nevertheless confused with its use. Or, perhaps you’re considering a new computer but are unsure if Windows 8 will be a good fit. In any event, this latest manifestation of the so-far-familiar Windows operating system seems to be stirring up quite a storm. Most of the strife though, as we’ve just hinted, is in response to the drastic changes in the user interface. Once past these, it’s a pretty neat operating system that enjoys marked improvements in performance over its predecessors. Below are links to a couple articles that contain many important and useful tips and tricks for working with Windows 8.…/windows-8-basics-tips-tricks-and-cures…/50-windows-8-tips-tricks-and-secrets…/8-windows-8-tips-and-tricks-for-new-users

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