Dell Computers

Buying Dell computers can present its challenges. Chief among this is the fact that most clients do not get what they want. They only discover their Dell computer is underpowered for their needs after they have left the Dell computer store. Some of the issues include:

  • Buying a $499 computer only to realize it is missing essential features vital for your work
  • Not knowing that a bargain desktop computer or laptop computer only comes with a 60 day trial of Microsoft Office so with additional software and features that $499 suddenly becomes a $699 computer.
  • Realizing that the warranty you have requires you to mail the computer back for support.
  • Non- US based warranty and computer support which creates communication barriers
  • Buying a cheap desktop computer or laptop that is packed with trial software that takes forever to uninstall

GeeksAKnockin’ are experts at helping our clients get exactly what they need in their computer purchase. We are a Dell reseller, which basically means that we just get tremendous deals on computer equipment that we pass on to our clients.

Why you should use GeeksAKnockin’ to buy your Dell computers:

  • We can help you determine exactly what you need.
  • We source our Dell computers from the Small Business division which means they have compatibility-tested components designed for long life with longer up-time.
  • Your Dell will not have any pre loaded junk or trial software.
  • All the Dell computers come with a factory 3 year next-business-day warranty. If a component fails, Dell will dispatch a tech onsite the next business day to replace that part.
  • All of our Dell computer support is US based so you do not have to struggle communicating with tech support.
  • Our relationship with Dell allows us to get great deals on their computer systems. Let us give you a free no-obligation quote today.

So, if you are in the market for Dell computers, give us a call today on 503.601.4335 for the best possible deal.