GeeksAKnockin’ Portland computer repair solutions are delivered innovatively and tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual client. We deliver our computer help solutions using a variety of methods all of which depend on your preferences as our client. Our service delivery can be made in one of three available solutions:

GeeksAKnockin’ Services Virtual
House Call
Flat Rates
Diagnostic & Tech Consultation
This is the basic charge for an on-site visit. If we aren’t sure exactly what service you…
read moreneed, we’ll diagnose the problem and give you an estimate of what it would take to repair the issue. This charge would only apply if you elected not to have us complete the work (diagnosis only).

All of our on-site services include a complimentary PC security audit! Hide this content.

Internet Setup
We can setup and configure your new Internet connection — Cable, DSL, Satellite, or …
read moredial-up.

This service includes setup of your email account (if your Internet provider gives you multiple email addresses, we’ll setup those for you too).

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Hardware Installation and Configuration
Need help setting up your new printer, iPhone, digital camera, GPS, TIVO, or mp3 player?
read moreDo you have another device not listed that you simply can’t get your head around? Call us; we can probably set it up!
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Software Service & Configuration
Need help installing or configuring a new program? Whether it is Microsoft Office …
read moreAntiVirus / AntiSpyware software, Quicken / QuickBooks, TurboTax, or games, we can help with virtually any software program you need.

Software not included. If you need a software program, let us know beforehand as we can generally get you anything you need. Hide this content.

Network Setup & Configuration
Let us get your home network up and running! We’ll install your router and configure …
read morenetworking on up to 3 PCs. We also handle wireless networking as well.

For wireless networks, we will make sure that your network is secured with the strongest security your equipment supports.

Do you need help setting up more than 3 PCs? We can take care of additional PCs for a flat fee per computer.

Hardware not included. We can provide the equipment if you need it, just give us a call! Hide this content.

New Computer Setup
This service includes:
read more

  • Setup of your new computer. We’ll unpack everything and then assemble your new PC and make sure everything is plugged in and working correctly.
  • We will transfer your documents, pictures, email, etc. from your old computer to the new one.
  • We will configure Internet and email access on the new computer.
  • We will update all installed software with all available security patches from their respective vendors to ensure the highest performance and safety for your new PC.
  • We will go thru and make sure you understand the basic operation of your new computer.

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Spyware & Virus Cleanup
Are you having problems with excessive pop-ups, sluggish performance, or strange …
read moreerror messages? Your computer may have a spyware or virus infection. Those symptoms may just be an outward sign of infection. A spyware or virus infection may expose sensitive information like bank account numbers or passwords. We will make sure your computer is set up to ward off any potential problems to keep your personal information and computer functionality secure.
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Operating System Service
* Because of the amount of time it takes to complete a Fresh Start it may not be able …
read moreto be completed on-site. Our expert technician will make that determination upon the initial diagnosis of your computer. Turn-around time for shop jobs is within 3 business days. Priority service available.
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New Computer Consultation
Are you looking for a new computer but aren’t sure what you need? The major PC manufacturers…
read morewebsites can be confusing and complicated. What software comes with the new PC?

We’re here to help! We’ll get online with you and help guide you through the process of configuring your new PC. We can help you get a PC from any manufacturer. Dell, HP, Sony, Alienware, you name it!

Let us sort through all the techno-babble and make sure you get a system that truly meets your needs.
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We pioneered these computer repair solutions listed above. To make a service request call GeeksAKnockin’ Portland Computer repair now at 503.601.4335