Virus-Free Guarantee

Viruses & Spyware Can Ruin Your Day!

How do most PC’s become infected with viruses and spyware? Without a doubt, the most common avenue for virus infection is a computer that has not been kept up-to-date with the latest manufacturer security updates. It used to be that you only had to worry about the twice-monthly Microsoft security updates, but hackers have expanded their attacks to include common 3rd-party programs like Adobe Reader, Flash, Firefox, iTunes, Skype, and many others. Unless your computer is constantly updated, all it takes is to become infected is a visit to a website that has been compromised by hackers. With an unprotected and out-of-date system, they can force their viruses & spyware down on to your PC without you doing anything!

Plagued by slow performance, system crashes, losses of productivity, and every other excuse for why the computer system you rely upon is not working consistently and as expected? Not to mention the risk of identity theft and compromised financial records, these distractions are unnecessary and very frustrating. GeeksAKnockin’ understands this. We also know that the computer is a tool to most people – you just want it to work!

The GeeksAKnockin’ Virus-Free Guarantee provides an affordable way to keep your PC secure and running smooth. Utilizing our highly skilled engineers and a unique framework for managing your PC’s security, GeeksAKnockin’ provides a proactive system to keep your PC free from viruses and malicious spyware.

This is an exciting concept offering from GeeksAKnockin’. It is about providing the security and peace of mind that you deserve.

The GeeksAKnockin’ Virus-Free Guarantee

We have developed a proactive system which essentially makes your PC ‘bullet-proof’ against virus and spyware infections. We are so sure of this system that if you do get a virus infection while we are protecting your PC, we will clean and repair the system free of charge!

The way we handle these and other issues is with our innovative ‘MagicApp Agent’. This is a small software program we install on your PC. The Agent performs many tasks, but its primary purpose is to ensure that the software programs on your PC are kept up-to-date with all of the manufacturer’s latest security and performance updates. We automatically deploy updates for over 90 different software programs automatically, as soon as they are released by the manufacturer!

How the GeeksAKnockin’ Virus-Free Guarantee works

• We proactively monitor all managed computers to ensure they are protected against the latest security threats.
• We install anti-virus software, make sure it is properly configured, and make sure that weekly scans of your system are scheduled.
• As potential security problems are discovered by software vendors within their applications, critical updates are released to overcome these potential hazards. As IT security professionals, GeeksAKnockin’ is informed of these updates very shortly after they are released.
• These updates are applied to your PC as soon as they are available to minimize the possibility of having your PC compromised.
• We proactively analyse and deploy these updates for the following software:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010
  • Over 90 of the most commonly used 3rd party software applications (including Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, Skype, Firefox, and many, many others).

• An executive report is emailed to you every 30 days detailing what updates have been installed during the previous month.
• You will have access to the GeeksAKnockin’ help desk to report problems and ask for assistance.
• If your covered computer becomes infected with a virus we will clean the virus infection from the computer at no charge.

*Some restrictions apply, call us for full details