Virtual House Call FAQ

The following FAQ tries to answer the main Virtual House Call questions we receive on a day-to-day basis. If none of these questions address your concerns, do not hesitate to contact us or call us directly at 503.601.4335

Q: What is a Virtual House Call?

A: Our Virtual House Call technology allows us to provide remote PC support, using your high-speed Internet connection. All it takes is a simple download and our skilled technicians will be able to see and work on your PC over the Internet and quickly provide a variety of services.
This technology allows us to respond very quickly to many common issues (usually the same-day) and get you up and running fast – all done without the need to send anyone to your home or office!

Q: How does it work?

A: You will receive a phone call from your technician at your scheduled appointment time. Your technician will walk you through the simple connection process and then take control of your keyboard and mouse to begin fixing your problems. You will be able to watch your technician work live on your PC.
You can choose to remain on the phone with your technician while your work is completed, or you can simply go back to enjoying your day while we work and we’ll call you back to let you know when the work is done — it couldn’t be easier!

Q: Am I eligible for a Virtual House Call?

A: As long as your PC powers on and can reach the desktop, is using Windows XP or newer and you have a working high-speed Internet connection, you are eligible. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure – when you call to schedule your Virtual House Call, we’ll test your PC to make sure you qualify!
Please note — unless you have had a recent Virtual House Call with us (within the last 60 days) you are required to go though the qualification process again to confirm that the Virtual House Call is appropriate for the problem you have.
This process only takes a few minutes and is designed to make sure that we make the most efficient use of everyone’s time. There are many factors that can prevent the successful use of the Virtual House Call service. Certain types of problems require physical access to the PC, and certain virus/spyware infections can prevent the Virtual House Call software from running properly. Sometimes firewalls and security software can also prevent your computer from establishing a connection to our technicians.
Please see the list of services for more information about what Virtual House Call services we offer.

Q: Is this safe? Can you get into my computer without my knowledge or permission?

A: Yes, this is completely safe. All communications between your computer and our technicians are secured and private. We do not collect any information from your PC and we cannot get into your PC without your permission. YOU are the only one who can start a Virtual House Call session, and once the session is complete, our software is completely removed from your PC.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Just give us a call at 503.601.4335 and we’ll get your Virtual House Call scheduled right away. We’ll give you a free demonstration!

Q: How much does a Virtual House Call cost?

All GeeksAKnockin services are extremely competitive and tailored to meet individual needs. To find out how much a service call will cost, give us a call on 503.601.4335 and a quick assessment will help us determine the most cost effective solution for you.

Q: Can I get support and service for the Mac platform?

Absolutely! We have a large Macintosh clientele. Our Macintosh techies are amongst the best in Portland. In addition, we have clients who have “mixed environments” where their computers run both Windows and Mac OSX while other clients use Linux operating systems. We provide computer support for all these operating systems and environments.

To find out more about Portland computer repair services call us now on 503.601.4335.