Avoid Phone Scams

We are letting you know of a current scam that is affecting a lot of our customers recently. You may get a call from someone or a company claiming to be Microsoft, telling you they need to gain remote access to your computer to either fix it or review some problems. After they’ve gained access they will run programs that will make it look like your computer is infected or has serious errors that need to be fixed and often will start demanding money or for you to input a credit card.

One of our own tech’s had a call like this a few months ago, and pretended to walk through some of the requests with the scammer, just to understand how they work. They will sound very convincing and often for someone who may not be technical this can sound extremely upsetting.

Please know that Microsoft will NEVER call you directly to fix your computer. Do not allow anyone claiming to be from Microsoft or other agency access to your computer, especially if they call you randomly.

Here’s more information from Microsoft about these phone scams: http://www.microsoft.com/security/online-privacy/avoid-phone-scams.aspx

We’ll be starting a series of blog posts with more information on how to protect yourself and what to look for.

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