Welcome to GeeksAKnockin

Greetings!  I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to your new IT service company, GeeksAKnockin’.  We will be providing support for your computer and IT needs.  We have prepared this document to describe what you can expect from our service and how to request help if you have any problems.

What Do I Need To Know?

Most of the work we do to maintain and protect your computer systems happens ‘behind the scenes’.  Our goal is to never do anything that will interrupt your activity.  One of the ways we do this is to schedule the majority of our work to occur overnight or during your chosen Maintenance Window.

We ask that, when you are done using your computer for the day, you make sure to save anything you were working on (Word or Excel documents for example) and then log off of your computer.  This can be done by clicking the ‘Start’ button in the lower-left corner of your desktop and choosing ‘Log Off’.

By doing this, you will secure your computer to prevent unauthorized people from accessing it but will leave it turned on so that we can perform our regular maintenance tasks during your chosen Maintenance Window.  These tasks may require us to restart your computer without warning, so that’s why it’s important to make sure to save your progress.  If we restarted your computer and you had a Word document open you might lose what you were working on – not a good thing and something we always want to avoid.

Some of the routine system maintenance we do on your computer at night includes:

  • Disk cleanups
  • Anti-virus scans and updates
  • Security patch installation
  • Program updates
  • System backups

These tasks are designed to keep your computer secure and running smoothly.  We test and research security and program updates to ensure they are compatible with your system, but occasionally an update may cause some unintended side-effects.  If you notice any problems or unexpected behavior on your computer, please contact us (see ‘How to Get Help’ in the next section) and we will respond quickly to fix any issues.

There may be times when our tasks could not run at their normally scheduled time – for example, if the computer was off overnight (or during your chosen Maintenance Window), or if an Internet connection was unavailable.  When this happens, the maintenance tasks will run the next time the computer is turned on and connected to the Internet.  Sometimes this can cause a noticeable lag or slowness for a short time while the maintenance tasks complete.  This can be avoided by making sure the computer is left on and connected to the Internet at night, or during your chosen Maintenance Window.

How to Get Help

We make it easy for you to get help with any computer or network problems that you may encounter.  Because we promise to respond to your issues within certain time parameters, depending on the severity of the issue, we ask that you request help through one of our two ‘official’ channels – either by submitting a ticket to our helpdesk or by calling our office.  This is the only way we can guarantee our response times and make sure your issues are routed to the correct personnel.  Emailing or calling our engineers directly only delays our response time.

Note: If at any time you feel your issues are not receiving a timely response please contact Chris Benson, Owner and President of GeeksAKnockin’.  He can be reached at benny@geeksaknockin.com or via cell phone at 503-522-6506.

All users that are managed by GeeksAKnockin’ have access to our helpdesk system that allows you to report any issues that you may be having with your computers, printers, etc.  This is the fastest and easiest way to get assistance.  The helpdesk allows you to submit trouble tickets describing your problem, attach screenshots or error logs, and even check on the status of your tickets anytime you want.

To access the ticketing system you will notice the GeeksAKnockin’ icon near the system clock at the bottom right hand corner of your desktop.

Note: If you do NOT see this icon, please call us at 503-601-4335 so we can investigate why.

Right click the icon then select ‘Contact Helpdesk’ to submit a trouble ticket.

You will be taken to the helpdesk website where you can select ‘Create New Ticket’ from the left-side menu.

From here you can submit a summary of the issue that you are having.  Be as descriptive as you want, you can also attach screenshots or error logs if needed by clicking the ‘Browse’ button to locate the file you wish to attach.  Note: Click here for instructions on how to create a screenshot.

You can set the ‘Category’ and ‘Priority’ fields as appropriate. You are not required to set these, so feel free to leave them in their default settings if you aren’t sure what to set them to.

Note: The ‘Submitter Information’ area should already be filled in with your correct contact information – if this is incorrect, please click the ‘Change Profile’ option on the left-side menu and you can update your contact information there:

Once the ticket has been submitted we will get right to work to resolve your issue.  Sometimes we will need to contact you for further information, or to remotely control your computer.  Many times we can resolve the issue automatically.  You will be emailed when we have updated the status of your ticket, but you can manually check the status whenever you want by clicking the ‘View Tickets’ link on the left-side menu.

From this page, you can click on an individual ticket to see its status and notes from our engineers.  You can also add new notes or comments as needed.  If a ticket has already been closed and you feel the issue was not resolved or has recurred, you can re-open any ticket by clicking its link and adding a new note to the ticket.

What If I Can’t Use The Helpdesk?

If you do not have Internet access or if your computer is inoperable, you may not be able to use the helpdesk.  In this case, you can request service by calling our office during business hours at 503-601-4335.  Our friendly and responsive staff will make sure the correct personnel are notified and that your issue is resolved in a timely fashion.